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Printed material management system with the use of RFID technology

Call: SYNERGASIA, PRAKSI Ι: Small and medium scaled cooperating projects

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The scope of the project is the development of a complete and innovative system for managing printed material, based on the RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification – RFID). RFID technology in this project cooperates in an efficient way with Back Office systems and web services (Object Naming Service – ONS) for the diffusion of the information. The pilot project will be implemented on the «Library & Information Center – University of Patras» capturing all the knowledge resulting from the individual actions of the project.
Although RFID technology has been studied in several areas and already has several applications (retail, supply chain management, passports etc), its use in identification and management of printed material is still limited, constantly creating the need for new innovative applications. Relevant documents, legal and financial, rare and/or valuable books can be managed using an RFID tag so that they can be detected at any moment, at several levels (place, time, owner, etc.), enabling the printed books to inherit a digital identity and thus enabling the information systems, whether resource management (ERP, WMS, etc.), whether process management (WorkFlow, Document Management, etc.) or a special purpose vehicle (Library Management Systems), to recognize and manage them Finding and managing these through information systems will be as easy as easy is the search for information through Internet applications.