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Call: NATIONAL STRATEGIC REFERENCE FRAMEWORK, NSRF 2007-2013, ACT I: «Collaborative projects Small and medium scale», GSRT)

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Given the evolving nature of IS research in the healthcare setting, the RFCure project aims to develop the information infrastructure and applications to support operations and supply chain management, capitalizing on the fact that products are uniquely and automatically identified with the use of RFID technology. Specific project objectives include:

  • To show how the technology of RFID can be used to build a smart hospital, which optimizes business processes, reduces errors, improves patient safety and enhances the quality of service.
  • To design, develop and pilot test some interesting hospital use cases that could benefit from RFID such as asset tracking, inventory management, blood tracking, consignment managed inventory

To give a credible assessment of the value of an RFID system for innovating the healthcare supply chain and improving process performance