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PLUG-IN: Πληροφοριακό Σύστημα Σύνθεσης και Παροχής Διαλειτουργικών Ηλεκτρονικών Υπηρεσιών για Μικρομεσαίες Επιχειρήσεις» (συντ. τίτλου: PLUG-IN) και κωδικό αριθμό 09ΣΥΝ-72-1095

Call: NATIONAL STRATEGIC REFERENCE FRAMEWORK, NSRF 2007-2013, ACT I: «Collaborative projects Small and medium scale», GSRT)

Project Duration:

Short Summary

The purpose of PLUG-IN is to investigate, design, develop and pilot operate an integrated, scalable platform in order to publish, recover, compose, orchestrate and provide electronic services of added value to a company based on modern technologies and standards. PLUG-IN combines the disciplines of Software as a Service (Software-as-a-Service) and Synthesis Services (Enterprise Mashups, Service Composition) which are placed under «umbrella» of Internet Services (Internet of Services), and Operational Interoperability and Integration (Enterprise Interoperability, Enterprise Application integration). Specifically, this project includes several different activities such as:

  • The study of new business models for the disposition of business software as a service (Software-as-a-Service, SaaS)
  • The specification of new electronic services for SMEs and with modern methods of business analysis based on the life cycle of a business (Business Episodes)
  • The separation of services in various categories (basic, value added, final, etc.) ensuring the flexibility of this infrastructure and the best composition (Enterprise Mashups) and provision of services based on their quality (Quality of Service)
  • Ensuring interoperability with supported by the reliable exchange of electronic information and knowledge, based on open standards
  • Promoting the direct exchange of information between end-users adopting the principle of end-to-end connectivity (also known as peer-to-peer approach).
  • Design, Development and Implementation of a platform that undertakes the Publishment, Composition and Electronic Service Provision in each phase of an SME life cycle. We will delivered services which will based on already existing features and systems  located anywhere and will be able to be viewed and used at any time, according to business needs of end users. (Value Added Services).
  • The use of alternative channels by end users to exchange messages between different companies using a variety of technologies such as Internet, mobile devices or devices that rely on technology RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • Pilot implementation of an integrated platform that will have the functionality that has been prescribed in a range of services that are integrated to specific business events
  • The evaluation, dissemination and exploitation of  the results of each project’s stage