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Call: NATIONAL STRATEGIC REFERENCE FRAMEWORK, NSRF 2007-2013, ACT I: «Collaborative projects Small and medium scale», GSRT)

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The main objective of the project “CAP” is the development of a dynamic web platform that offers out-of-the-box facilities for the design, administration and provision of services relevant to the airport community, utilized by companies at the airport for its passengers. The project aims to provide personalization capabilities for the travelers and to facilitate the availability and quality of services offered by the airport and enterprises operating in the airport.
Project Impact / Results: The main results of the project will be a platform that offers user-friendly modules for the creation, provision and integration of services in the context of the airport environment. The system will allow the design and development of services from third-parties and will facilitate its provision to members of the airport community (passengers, airport staff, visitors, enterprises, etc.). The platform will provide content management capabilities, a personalization and a recommendation system. Lastly the project will contribute to the development of advanced business models, processes and decision support mechanisms that will support the design and creation of a new airport service and thus it aims to significantly improve the competiveness of the enterprises operating in the airport as well as the quality of their services and products.