Scientific Coordinator:

Research streams

  • Recommender Systems algorithms
  • Persuasive Systems
  • Big Data Analytics (BDA) and BDA Management for competitive advantage
  • FinTech applications design
  • User-centric Interaction and Interface design
  • E-commerce and e-government
  • IoT applications

Research Objectives

  • Design new hybridization techniques for personalization algorithms
  • Develop new models for building Competitive Advantage for the Data-Driven Enterprise
  • Design consumer services enhanced with intelligent features in support of consumer’s daily living
  • Design new types of personalized multimodal interfaces based on Artificial Companions Technology
  • Build omnichannel customer experience based on personalized recommendations through interactive tools in physical environment (eg smart mirrors in physical retail stores) and online (eg chatbots, personal assistants)
  • Develop persuasive models and persuasive messages based on communication and information theories
  • Application of Deep Neural Networks in recommendation architectures achieving high recommendation quality and aiming at better customer satisfaction.
  • Implementation of persuasive technologies in recommendation systems based on user-centric characteristics
  • Developing models for real-time recommendation engines