Full Title

Enterprises and Digital Economy – Study for the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV)

Client: Google

Project Duration: 1 Year (2014 -2015)

Short Summary

The aim of the study was to capture the operational and economic benefits from digital services, initially in two critical sectors of the Greek economy: supply chain management and justice administration. The selected areas currently pose significant barriers to entrepreneurship, but may contribute both to the development and creation of new jobs through the introduction of digital solutions.
In particular, the broader supply chain sector has been chosen due to its large contribution to the Greek economy (10.8%of GDP in 2014) and its impact in attracting new private investment. The digitization of the sector covers the whole spectrum of processes, like export/import customs processes, procurement, transportation, invoicing, taxation, document sharing, etc, up to the individual customer / consumer. Justice administration has been selected due to the significant delays which affect negatively the business environment in Greece. Process acceleration by means of digital solutions will work for the benefit of both the rule of law and for entrepreneurship, boosting new investments.
The study utilizes figures derived from research articles, studies, databases, etc. In addition, the outcomes of the study have been validated through interviews with over twenty executives with experience in digital services.