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Dynamic Pricing and Traceability Information for Creating Value Beyond Price

Client: ECR Europe International Commerce Institute – Unilever Research Grant

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Short Summary

Dynamic pricing for grocery perishable categories based on their expiration date is the context of this project. Recent research proposes that consumers perceive dynamic pricing for grocery perishables as a value adding service. The current research project studies the dynamic pricing practice from the consumer perspective. Factors that determine consumer reaction to such a practice are investigated. Specifically, project objectives are to:

  • Evaluate the effect of the dynamic pricing practice mainly for consumers, but also for retailers and industry.
  • Suggest optimal policies and specific guidelines for the application of dynamic pricing in the grocery retail industry.
  • Build a framework for studying innovative retail services.

Results of the project are based on empirical research that includes in-depth interviews with consumers, survey research, as well as field and lab experiments