Full Title

MUSICAL: Multimedia Streaming of Interactive Content Across mobile networks

Call: EDC-22131

Project Duration: 3 Years (2000 -2003)

Short Summary

MUSICAL project aims to customize an existing music application in order to be accessible through mobile Networks. Moreover, MUSICAL aims to enhance this music application with value-added components (requiring minor additions in terms of development) in order to fully exploit the capabilities of 2.5 and 3G networks (personalization, ubiquity, high bandwidth etc.) and create a killer application. MUSICAL will enable consumers (business or leisure) to compose their Personal Radio Station Program (PRSP) or Personal Video- Clips Program (PVCP) and receive targeted multimedia content as well as personalized info (e.g. awareness on special events that match their music interests) through intelligent mobile devices (Palmtops, PDAs, Mobile Phones, etc.). Specific objectives include:

  • Transfer an existing media platform to mobile environment (through customisation, adaptation and improvement actions) to test the network capabilities and the portability of the application in the mworld
  • Enhance the services offered by media providers through traditional channels (radio, TV) by offering value-added services for mobile consumers
  • Bring together and exploit synergies among the main actors involved in implementation and commercialisation of mobile network services and technologies and digital content providers

Implement and test a mobile music technology infrastructure in a pan-European level