Full Title

MODEL: Multimedia for Open and Dynamic Executives’ Learning

Call: IST-1999-12181

Project Duration: 3 Years (2000 -2003)

Short Summary

The MODEL project aims to develop a knowledge management (KM) system (methodological framework, and software tools) to enhance the organisational ability to capture, structure and transfer knowledge across different organisational groups (departments etc.) and over time (from project to project). The key idea is a conceptual and practical shift from the informational retrieval approach, towards an integrated methodology that enables the capture of both explicit and tacit knowledge within the organisation thus increasing the effectiveness of learning materials. The MODEL KM system will be validated as means for enhancing the knowledge dissemination within organisations. MODEL will design, implement and validate Knowledge Management (KM) tools for the creation of learning modules based on the concept of interactive case studies comprising dynamic knowledge profiles, as a means for enhancing knowledge dissemination and knowledge intensive work within organisations.