Full Title

MOBICOM: Evolution Scenarios for Emerging m-Commerce Services

Call: IST-1999-21000

Project Duration: 3 Years (2000 -2003)

Short Summary

MobiCom aims to explore the fundamental factors affecting the evolution of Mobile e-Commerce, such as market structure, key players, technology architectures, consumer behaviour, new products and services. Towards this aim the following objectives are pursued:

  • Identification of existing factors deriving from mobile communications and e-Commerce industries, which enable or constrain the development of m-Commerce in Europe.
  • Identification of new development trajectories emerging from the convergence of mobile communications technologies and e-Commerce entrepreneurial activities.
  • Description and specification of new business models and services as well as of diffusion and adoption patterns in m-Commerce.
  • Preparation of guidelines on regulation and policy for facilitating the growth of m-Commerce.
  • Consensus building, dissemination and interaction of m-Commerce stakeholders

MobiCom is divided into 3 phases. The first phase comprises an analysis of the mobile communications and e-Commerce sectors, exhibiting the fundamental characteristics of the two industries driving their evolution and growth. The second phase assesses the industry convergence, technological evolution and potential market growth in m-Commerce. New services and applications will be assessed against socio-economic factors affecting their adoption and diffusion. Feasibility studies will provide input on the commercialisation process and market readiness. The third phase involves a socio-economic analysis on the intensity of new market evolution. To this end m-Commerce evolution scenarios will be developed with respect to critical issues that affect this process. Emphasis will be given to regulatory and policy issues, new methods of work, new market dynamics and new business models.