Full Title

mEXPRESS: mobile in-EXhibition PRovision of Electronic Support Services

Call: IST-2001-33432

Project Duration: 3 Years (2002 -2005)
Website: Under Constraction

Short Summary

mEXPRESS aims to exploit the technological opportunities arising from evolution in the areas of wireless networks and positioning mechanisms in order to support and facilitate the professional exhibition industry in a context-aware manner. It will contribute to the economic development of the Community by providing means for efficient operation and interaction in information-rich environments such as exhibitions, and significantly enhancing promotional activities and business communications. The mEXPRESS project will provide an integrated mediation platform (mEXPRESS Service Provider) oriented to exhibition shows and events that will satisfy three types of objectives:

  • Enhance and facilitate visitors experience in terms of interaction and functionality in an information-rich environment such as an exhibition show.
  • Improve business communications and promotions within the exhibition and extend promotional effectiveness during and after the exhibition

Assist and support exhibition management and operations by offering real-time location information of persons within the exhibition.