Full Title

MB-Net: A Network of Excellence in mobile business applications and services

Call: IST-2002-39164
Instrument: NoE

Project Duration: 3 Years (2003 -2006)
Website: Under Construction

Short Summary

MB-Net is a network of excellence in mobile business (mBusiness). The objective of the network is to systematically investigate the future of mBusiness by identifying research challenges, formulating policy recommendations, and providing strategic roadmaps on a 5-year horizon, through a robust methodological approach pursued by an independent discursive forum consisting of industry and research leaders that collectively represent excellence in mBusiness across Europe. The main strength of the Network lies on its plan of work that employs a scientifically proven methodology in order to overcome the inherent difficulties associated with investigating the future, especially in fast-moving and technology-dependent areas. MB-NET brings together in a collaborative forum the leading academic scholars and industry experts in mBusiness, representing all dimensions of mBusiness: Technology Push, Market Pull, and Know-how Development. The membership of MB-NET, as reflected in its 26 founding members and 8 different European countries represented, has been designed to satisfy the objectives of the project.