Full Title

iMEDIA: Intelligent Mediation Environment for Digital Interactive Advertising
Call: IST-1999-11038


Project Duration: 3 Years (2000 -2003)

Short Summary

The iMEDIA project aims to establish a business and technology framework for Suppliers, Advertisers and Consumers in the TV Advertising process. The proposed system will broadcast advertisements comprising video commercials and interactive content (optionally leading to external product catalogues), monitor (with consumer permission) the interactivity of viewers in order to measure the efficiency of the advertisements and products and finally offer personalised information through a TV set-top box in the consumer household. The applicability and acceptability will be demonstrated and assessed through trials with the involvement of real actors (RAI & ERT). The methodology involves requirements specification and gathering both from the end-users, domain experts, and surveys on particular aspects of the advertise domain; the specification of an overall system architecture and the initial design of its relevant components. A mock up demo will be presented to users in order to validate the specification choices, and demonstrate the user functions. The whole process will lead to the implementation of an initial prototype and its evaluation through the end-user involvement. Finally a re-design and implementation activities will take into account the evaluation results and the demands of the market, leading to the final implementation of the iMEDIA system and the definition of the plan for its commercialisation.