Full Title

E-Factors: A Thematic Network in E-Business Models

Call: IST-2001-34868

Project Duration: 3 Years (2002 -2005)
Website: Under Construction

Short Summary

The work plan of E-Factors has been structured around 6 work-packages. WP1 is concerned with E-factors project management structure that will glue together and coordinate all project activities. WP2 will be concerned with setting up a Web-based infrastructure that will allow for collaborative work to be carried out between network participants and will also serve as the project’s prime dissemination medium, allowing the general public to have direct access to the project’s findings and results. WP3 will include all preliminary work directed towards the identification of priority thematic areas for e-business models adoption. The results of this work will feed into WP4, which will examine a number of best business practice cases on e-business models drawn from the participants’ experiences and expertise. This will in turn feed into WP5, which will be concerned with selecting and combining available output from previous work conducted from current IST projects (that participate in the network) and will contribute towards the development of curriculum for Business models in Business schools, and Universities in e-business models. Furthermore, drawing on the results of the pre vious work-packages this will lead to the production of a report on e-business models that suggest strategic implications for future adoption.