Full Title

DOMINO: Dynamic Organisational Management for Inter-Firm Network Orchestrations

Call: IST-2000-29545

Project Duration: 3 Years (2001 -2004)

Short Summary

DOMINO addresses the issue of management in dynamic organizational forms in terms of strategy, structure, processes and people. The primary objective of the project is to maximize the current understanding in this field and thus to set the basis of common reference. To this end, the project academic and industrial will pursue the development of an organizational and business taxonomy, presenting the types and the characteristics of dynamic network organizations, the analysis and explanation of the evolution of strategy, human resources, R&D and management across firm boundaries, and eventually the development of an organizational and business roadmap for firms adopting and wishing to sustain business networking models. The success of the project lies, so much on the innovative research character as also on the awareness efforts required for maximizing its business and academic impact. Hence DOMINO will pay a lot of attention in the manner project results are disseminated and exploited.