Full Title

ACTIVE-SME: Advertising and Commerce Through Internet in the context of Virtual Enterprise Study of Market Environment

Call: Ten Telecom C27254

Project Duration: 3 Years (2000 -2003)

Short Summary

 The SME project aims at providing the European less favoured small to medium retailer enterprises with a convenient, reliable and cost-effective way of getting into on-line sales. The initiative for this project arises from previous experience gained in Greece and Germany, under the European Commission Programme ESPRIT. The experience was based on an ecommerce platform providing innovative services (strategic marketing and decision-making tools, besides to the classic Internet sales facilities) and the specific trials were performed by two companies from different sectors (i.e. supermarket chains and mail order companies). The success of the pilots performed encourages launching the Marketing Validation phase through the enlargement of the scope of the initial R&D phase, both sectoral and geographically speaking. The market validation will thus be performed in three countries (Greece, Spain and France) and the initial sector covered (supermarkets chains and mail order companies) will be enlarged to a broad range of sectors among the SME retail environment. Therefore, based on ACTIVE project, the whole project ACTIVE SME now aims at providing an Internet sales tool and service fitting European retailing SMEs’ specific needs.