Scientific Coordinator:

Research streams

  • E-business strategy and innovation
  • Business model innovation and industry disruption
  • Opportunity seeking, market roadmap and exploitation
  • Market analysis and differentiation
  • Creativity and entrepreneurial thinking
  • Social and sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Commercialisation processes
  • International entrepreneurship
  • Corporate entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship education
  • Guidance, support and acceleration for new e-business ventures
  • New service/product design and user engagement through gamification

Research Objectives

The group conducts research in the aforementioned areas, aiming at both high-quality journal publications and research funding allowing broad collaborations with academic and industrial organisations.  In this context, the group’s agenda includes the following:

  • Design of new business models that innovate and disrupt the current market
  • Exploitation and commercialisation of research outcomes and new technologies
  • Competition analysis for new e-business ventures and strategic planning
  • Active support to new e-business ventures and networking services with public and private organisations
  • Facilitation of open innovation initiatives among big corporates and new business ventures aiming at new service/product development and new collaborations