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Stelios Eliakis

Dr. Katerina Pramatari

PhD Thesis Abstract

Social media have penetrated the world population in such a degree that most social groups participate and discuss almost everything concerning their views, purchasing habits and general interests. This has resulted in creating a “web reputation” for any organization that emerges through these online discussions. However, sometimes the users perceive the credibility of discussions in different ways resulting in different users’ opinion regarding an organization or a product.

This thesis includes a qualitative research / case study which will examine how online communities and discussion boards operate in order to study the process that an organization can follow to observe the discussions and all possible comments made in this context in order to capture the dominant view (positive or negative). Also, this thesis includes a quantitative research which will examine the factors that make
up the structure of a discussion and how these factors affect the credibility and the final users’ opinion.