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Dr. Aggeliki Karagiannaki


Professor G. Doukidis

PhD Thesis Abstract

To understand the process-driven value of RFID, it is not sufficient to show a correlation between employing the technology and increased process performance. Such deployment should be considered as a large-scale business process redesign project not to be overlooked or underrated. In addition and consistent with any IT investment, the question should change from “is there a payoff” to “when and why”. Going beyond the “average” impacts of RFID, this paper conceptualizes the mediating role of RFID-enabled process redesign and the moderating role of two important decision factors within supply chain processes: tagging level (pallet vs. case) and tagging responsibility (in-house vs. by the suppliers vs. mixed) using the multiple cases design combined with experimental simulation .This research provides empirical evidence that the integration of RFID in warehouse processes has a positive effect on process performance in terms of labour utilisation and time savings. Taking a step forward, the results provide mixed evidence of a difference in the RFID effect across different levels of tagging and tagging process responsibility, rendering valuable insights for both practitioners and academics alike.