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Dr. Stavros Lounis


Professor G. Doukidis

PhD Thesis Abstract

Gamification of electronic services has received over the past decade increased attention by both the industry and academia and various industries have introduced it in their offering as a medium to enhance their core offering with playful affordances. In the gamification phenomenon, different game elements, such as points, badges, leaderboards and other elements traditionally found in electronic games are infused in electronic services that were not games themselves, as means to enable a playful interaction with the end-users.

This doctoral research aims to uncover the underlying mechanisms by which game elements in gamification designs enable specific psychological and subsequently behavioural outcomes. Based on the multidisciplinary nature of gamification, results of this doctoral research contribute to the literature and practice in several ways. First and foremost, the identification of the effect game elements have in isolation as well as in combination in the psychological and behavioural outcomes of the gamified electronic service. Secondly, it proposes the examination of gamification under the lens of Self Determination Theory, a prominent motivation theory for gamification. Furthermore, it proposes a new method for designing a gamified electronic service targeted to end-users, via their introduction in different phases in the design process. Fourthly, the results of this doctoral thesis enable managers to have an informed decision both on a set of game elements as well as on the process to examine additional game elements for introduction in their gamified electronic service. Lastly, as the gamified electronic service developed is designed to support gamification experimentation, irrelevant to the non-game context selected, this can be utilized by academics and managers as a tool for the experimentation towards the development of their respective gamified electronic services.