Organisational energy conservation behaviour & the effect of motivational information systems and gamification on employees’ energy saving

Dr. Dimosthenis Kotsopoulos
Supervisor: Assoc. Professor K. Pramatari

Data-driven Innovation in Shopper Marketing: A Business Analytics Approach for Visit Segmentation in the Retail Industry

Dr. Anastasia Griva
Supervisor: Assoc. Professor K. Pramatari

Integrating Physical and Web Shopping Environments: The Interplay of Omnichannel Retailing & Store Atmosphere on Consumer Behaviour in Social-Local-Mobile Settings (2018)

Dr. Chris Lazaris
Supervisor: Assoc. Professor A. Vrechopoulos

Design of Electronic Services Employing Gamification: The impact of game elements on user behaviour and motivation

Dr. Stavros Lounis
Supervisor Professor G. Doukidis

Shopping Missions and their Impact on Assortment Organization: An Analytics-informed Shopper Marketing Approach

Dr. Panagiotis Sarantopoulos
Supervisor Professor G. Doukidis

Design and Impact Assessment of Green Information Systems: the case of Energy and Carbon Management Systems in the Supply Chain

Dr. Eleni Zampou
Supervisor Assoc. Professor K. Pramatari

Investigating the role of different types of social media as sources of information: the cases of consumer pre-purchase and health information

Dr. Katerina Fraidaki
Supervisor Professor G. Doukidis

IT project investments evaluation: A Real Options Perspective

Dr. Andriana Dimakopoulou
Supervisor Assoc. Professor K. Pramatari

Virtual Reality Internet Retailing: Experimental Examination of Interactive Shopping Interface – Store Atmosphere Effects on User-Consumer

Dr. Ioannis Krasonikolakis
Supervisor Assoc. Professor A. Vrechopoulos

Information Quality Evaluation of Object Tracking Systems in the Internet of Things: an Analytical Model Applied to the Supply Chain

Dr. Cleopatra Bardaki
Supervisor Assoc. Professor K. Pramatari

RFID-Enabled Supply Chain Process Redesign Using Simulation

Dr. Aggeliki Karagiannaki
Supervisor Professor G. Doukidis

Investigating Electronic Services Effects on Consumer Behaviour in the E-Banking Sector: A Customer Relationship Management Approach

Dr. Eleni Kevork
Supervisor Assoc. Professor A. Vrechopoulos

2-sided and multi-sided Stable Matchings: Structures, Algorithms, and Applications

Dr. Pavlos Eirnakis
Supervisor Professor P. Miliotis

The role of business-to-business electronic services in buyer-supplier collaboration: Organizational Factors affecting Collaborative Supply Chains

Dr. Eleftherios Kioses
Supervisor Professor G. Doukidis

Consumer Acceptance of Technology-Based Services in Retailing: A Service Science Approach

Dr. Aris Theotokis
Supervisor Professor G. Doukidis

Machine-learning information system to support out-of-shelf detection in the supply chain

Dr. Dimitris Papakiriakopoulos
Supervisor Professor G. Doukidis

Consumer Behaviour towards Location Based Mobile Services in the Context of the Entertainment Industry

Dr. Vasilis Koutsiouris
Supervisor Assoc. Professor A. Vrechopoulos

Corporate Associations in Mobile Communication Services: Corporate Social Responsibility, Consumer Attributions and the Mediating Role of Trust

Dr. Argiris Tsamakos
Supervisor Assoc. Professor A. Vrechopoulos

Service Evaluation Trust Determinants in Consumer Relational Exchanges

Dr. Pavlos Vlachos
Supervisor Assoc. Professor A. Vrechopoulos

Efficient Store Replenishment through Internet-based information sharing and collaborative supply-chain practices in grocery retailing

Dr. Katerina Pramatari
Supervisor Professor G. Doukidis